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advance the understanding of mind-bending science

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No one else does what we do.

We make films that tell the human stories behind compelling scientific discoveries, finding the poetry in the often intimidating world of theory, data and equations. With this unique approach, we inspire viewers to deepen their relationship to science. As one viewer of The Atom Smashers put it, "You made me want to think about science. That hasn’t happened in a long time."


By choosing from one of the supporting levels to the right, you will give 137 Films the financial stability we need to bring art and science to more audiences. Even better, you’ll also receive special gifts, designed and selected with 137 Films art/science flair. And pledging your support brings you closer to 137 Films filmmakers with special screenings and events just for members.


Our mission has been supported by over 150 people making individual donations. Join them, join 137 Films, and help more people want to think about science.


Your money does a host of things, including:

• Allowing us to shoot interviews and footage where we find the story

• Employing filmmakers, animators, and musicians

• Keeping the lights on in our editing station

• Buying batteries for our camera

• Allowing us to fulfill our mission


If you believe the world needs more science stories, please join us!


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All contributions help support our mission. Thank you!

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