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The Atom Smashers DVD - $20 Plus shipping and handling


Physicists at Fermilab, the world's most powerful particle accelerator laboratory, are closing in on one of the universe's best-kept secrets: why everything has mass. With the Tevatron, a four-mile underground particle accelerator, the scientists smash matter together at nearly the speed of light to find a particle theorized forty years ago by Scottish scientist Peter Higgs. Will the discovery happen before funding cuts and international competition steal their thunder?


Production year: 2008   •   Rating: TV-PG   •   Stereo: Yes

Length: 80 minutes on 1 Disc   •   Closed Captioned: Yes

DVD Extras: The Fermilab Tango Club, The Fermilab rock band, The Fermilab model airplane club, The Superconducting Supercollider, Science, Culture and Politics




THIS HAS BEEN TO SPACE DVD - $12 Plus shipping and handling


This Has Been to Space is a short documentary that follows a group of kids and astrophysicists as they launch a high-altitude balloon outfitted with video cameras, a Geiger counter, scientific instruments, and a few carefully chosen souvenirs. Following with GPS, the group jumps into a pair of vans and chases the balloon across two states. It finally pops at the edge of space, floating back to Earth on a parachute, only to bounce down in the most unexpected of places...


Production year: 2012  •  Length: 18 minutes  •  Subtitles: No






137 Films T-Shirt - $20 Plus shipping and handling


Wear it like you're confident you don't know all the answers. You'll probably get some questions, so have your definition of the Fine Structure Constant ready and brush up on Leon Lederman's anecdote about why you might want to hold up the number 137 on a busy street corner. Available in both men's and women's sizes.